No NIMBYs NON-Endorsements!

NIMBYs are very partisan and selfish and do not compromise or attempt to reach any consensus at all! Those are very undesirable traits for an elected official.   We do not show favoritism towards any party. Like the two NIMBYs we oppose for this upcoming election, they are typically extremists on either the right wing or left wing fringe of the political spectrum; Mimi Walters and Barbara Boxer are perfect examples of this. 
NIMBYs will move next to an airport  AFTER it is built and demand it gets shutdown! 
They have no concern for:
-The cost to taxpayers for the cost of building the airport in the first place.
-The cost to taxpayers to replace the airport with a frivolous project like a budget busting swamp or park. 
-The jobs they prevent from being created.
-The loss of potential economic activity. 
-Inconveniencing air travelers. 
-The traffic and pollution caused when people are forced to drive to distant outlying airports. 
-Overburdening other communities (i.e. LAX, SFO etc.) with their flight and cargo demands. 

Candidates we do NOT endorse:
U.S. Senate: Barbara Boxer:
She started off her long 34 year political career as the LONE SUPERVISOR in Marin County who was against Hamilton AFB being re-used a local airport. Then, as a congressional rep. she was "worried" that the Navy occupying housing at Hamilton would conflict with Novato's zoning regulations and preferred the military would not return to Hamilton. Then as a Senator, Boxer voiced opposition to aviation re-use of El Toro in Orange County, even after people had already voted for it TWICE! 
In addition, Boxer has given federal earmarks to the so called Great Park (at El Toro) even though anti-airport/park proponents pledged they would NOT use any taxpayer funds. Boxer has also earmarked nearly $200 million in federal taxdollars to be spent on flooding the runway and tarmac at Hamilton. The Boondoggle on the Bay should be named Boxer Swamp in her honor.
State Treasurer: Mimi Walters:
She was the chair of ETRPA (El Toro Reuse Planning Authority), a 10 NIMBY city coalition in South Orange County that spent over $50 million taxdollars fighting against aviation re-use of El Toro. ETRPA was dedicated to ceaseless litigating, obfuscation, propaganda, and non-stop voting on El Toro. After 4 votes were conducted on El Toro, they finally prevailed and then insisted the debate was OVER. 
The so called "Great Park" alternative to the airport was promised to be "tax free". However, The Great Pork is always on the lookout for federal and state handouts. It has exhausted hundreds of millions of dollars, created only 19 jobs, and 27 acres of parkland. A recent survey of the Great Park in Orange County shows that it has a 61% unfavorable rating. Also, when the dust settled on the airport/park debate some military personnel asked for access to housing and the commissary at the base. ETPRA did not like this very much and even threatened a local VFW leader with violence!

If a politician puts a X on the runway,  
then voters should put a X in their opponent's box!
If a politicians denies our troops access to housing, 
then voters should deny them access to elected office!

For more extensive detail on Mimi Walters and Barbara Boxer, please read previous posts.  
This blog is NOT affiliated with any political party or candidate. 
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