One NIMBY downed, the other escapes the fight of her life.

First, the good news is that the following counties defeated BOTH Barbara Boxer and Mimi Walters:
Del Norte, Fresno, Merced, Mono, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Joaquin, San Luis Obispo, Stanislaus, Trinity, and Ventura.

Mimi Walters was mostly running to build name recognition for future races. She got name recognition alright! For being a NIMBY that the led the fight to close El Toro for civilian re-use! We spread word to pilots and aviation businesses all over California about her (and Boxer).  Of all the Republican candidates on the ballot running for statewide office, she had the absolute worst showing. By exposing her early on, this does not allow her to plant the seeds for a political career outside of Orange County. It is too bad, the internet was not around in the early 1990s, otherwise Barbara Boxer's senate career also could have been nipped in the bud as well, and she would not have had a chance to build name recognition.

The problem with California, is the voters would even vote for the spawn of Satan, as long it is a Democrat. Nonetheless, we take great joy in knowing that over 3.5 million voters chose someone OTHER than Barbara Boxer. She also lost in 36 out of 57 counties. Then, there were another 3 counties where she "won", but received less than 50% of the vote: Lake, San Benito, and Santa Barbara.

While Boxer survived a scare by mustering a mere 52% of the vote against Carly Fiorina (who had plenty of baggage from her days as a Hewlett Packard CEO), this race showed that Boxer has very high negative ratings in California and that people all over California now KNOW about her infamous days a Marin County Supervisor killing off aviation re-use of Hamilton AFB.

Boxer recently did save some jobs in California, her own and that of her questionable staff. Some of whom tried to smuggle in marijuana to the Capitol, and one who was looking at kiddie porn on government computers.

The Senate retains a narrow Democrat majority. So look for Boxer's minimal influence to wane even further as there are more GOP Senators to oppose her. At best she can collect a check for herself, but will not be able to help California a whole lot. But that does not really matter, she is only out to help herself, and for 6 more years she gets to continue embarrassing our state. Perhaps, an ethics investigation will shed light on why there was a house in Oakland she allegedly did not declare. Boxer won a Pyhrric victory which keeps her in the spotlight for more exposure. We predict that her infamous 34 year plus political career will not end gracefully.

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